About Us

We aim to provide relevant skills and practical experiences to students at a global level by providing internships and online training. It’s the platform where you can discover your passion and build a great career in a preferred field so that you don’t have to pause until you aren’t done with your graduation.

Staying ahead of the ever-evolving digital future is what we believe in and that’s how our interns stand out. Our top-rated courses and internship programs give students the ability to gain in-house excellence and satisfy hunger for learning.

It helps individuals achieve their goals and enable them to pursue their dreams by connecting students in India with the best faculty we have. At Internkro, we provide relevant projects which bring flexibility, affordability, and job-relevant learnings to every individual to grow unstoppably. From practical and guided projects and relevant courses to great job opportunities and certificates, we have everything to offer at this platform.

So, open the door full of possibilities with us because we create life-transforming learning experiences!